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Continuing and Professional Education overview

Faculty & subject matter expert resources is a one-stop-shop resource and guide available to faculty, instructors and other partners, and is designed to walk you through the process of successfully designing and running a CPE course.

ASU Continuing and Professional Education is dedicated to improving the skills and talent of working professionals and lifelong learners, through high-quality courses that expand opportunity, fulfill passions and positively impact the future of individuals, organizations and businesses.

Continuing and Professional Education began with the aspiration to make continuing education readily available to individuals and at the highest quality possible. As a service entity of ASU, we not only provide continuing education opportunities for anyone eager to learn, but we also provide support to our exceptional faculty, instructors and other partners.

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Course build checklist

  1. Fill out the Proposed Online CPE Intake Questionnaire.
  2. Enroll in the CPE Toolkit course.
  3. Submit the course planning map.
  4. Sign a Memorandum of Understanding with CPE.
  5. CPE and the EdPlus Quality Assurance team will review course design.
  6. Submit the course catalog description.
  7. The CPE team launches the course!

Download the checklist

The following services are available for our partners:

Media services

See ASU Online New Media Studio website for examples and request studio time.

Interactive learning objects

See examples and request form here.

Course banners and graphics

See request form here.

One-to-one instructional design consultation appointments

The CPE ID team is available to schedule one-to-one ID consultation appointments as needed to assist in course design questions and to strategize new course design ideas.

To schedule a consultation appointment, please email Athena Kennedy at

Tools and training

Canvas introduction video

Explore the look and feel of the Continuing and Professional Education learning management system, Canvas, and gain some management skills for your future course.

Self-directed CPE course development toolkit

This is a two-hour self-paced online course developed by the CPE ID team to educate stakeholders on how to build CPE self-paced course in Canvas. The course covers course development and design, use of Panopto (media server) and quality assurance practices.

Access the course

Canvas help sessions

The CPE ID team hosts one-hour open Canvas help sessions each week to assist stakeholders in answering questions on course set up and design in Canvas. Additionally, registration set up in Catalog (the Canvas registration system) is discussed when needed.

Register for a Canvas help session

Contact us

Have a question? We’d love to help!

Please email Darcy Richardson at for any questions or CPE-related inquiries you have.