Ideas to make money from a side hustle

Do you need to make more money on the side? Are you an individual who holds many talents? Do you think you could potentially make money off those talents?

Then you might be ready for a side hustle.

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What’s a side hustle?

A side hustle is a job that you do on the side of your main nine to five job (like freelance work or running a small business), that helps you to make more income.

Snag one of these side hustle ideas to bring in more cash and take on a new challenge.


If you’re a talented writer, designer, web developer, animator, photographer, and whatever else you can think of, then you might be in good shape to consider freelance opportunities. If you don’t have any of these talents but want to learn, then you might try browsing free courses to get you started! If you already have a side talent, then try UpWork to find freelance jobs. 

Start a business

A side hustle presents the perfect opportunity to start the business you always wanted. While it’s probably the hardest route to go, it’s definitely the most long-term and has the opportunity to make you the most money. If you don’t have any experience setting up a business, try our free Startup School to get you going.

Brand yourself

Being a blogger or digital influencer is a huge way to make some extra cash, especially if you have an audience. Starting a digital brand can include creating a blog, a social media presence, a photography portfolio, a YouTube personality and much more. Branding yourself into a business costs very little money and is easy to maintain. 

Get a gig economy job

The gig economy is based on short-term contract work and freelance work. Basically, it’s a job without the ‘employee’ title. It’s great because it’s flexible and you can receive a pretty steady income. Prime examples of gig economy jobs are ride-sharing companies like Uber and food delivery companies like Postmates. Other options to consider are renting property, coaching, caregiving and more.

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